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Student Leadership

At Virginia Park School we strive to provide students with several opportunities to take on leadership roles around the school.  All students are encouraged to participate as it helps to promote healthy and positive relationships and builds community capacity.  Our students are the future and they believe everyone can contribute to positive tomorrow.   Here are just a few ways that kids are making a positive difference at Virginia Park:

Green Team:  In non-COVID times, students in grade four empty blue bins every week and ensure juice boxes and cans get into the recycling bins.

Music Listening Hosts and Assembly MCs:  Students in grade six host our afternoon music listening program as well doing the MC duties at our monthly sharing announcements.

Lunch Leaders: Students from grade 6, in non-COVID times, volunteer to be role models by leading activities, interacting positively, giving encouragement, and assisting the lunchroom supervisors in the division one classes while students eat their lunch.

Community Readers: In non-COVID times, students from Virginia Park go to the Virginia Park Seniors Centre to read with their partners there.



Leadership in Action