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Clubs & Activities

Just like imagination, we believe learning has no boundaries. That's why staff, parents and community partners have created an array of extracurricular programs and opportunities for students at Virginia Park Arts Core School.  There is something for everyone!

  • Art Club
  • Choir
  • Card Club
  • Intramurals
  • Music Enrichment – Cello, Violin and Bass
  • Student Leadership‌
  • Ukulele 

Music Listening

Would you like to begin every afternoon quietly listening to classical music? 

We use the Brummit-Taylor Non-Directed Music Listening Program every day to expose our students to great composers and their works.

Principles of this Program are:

  • Pieces are selected based on their ability to speak directly to elementary-aged children.
  • Quality music reveals more of itself each time it is heard. Repeated listening gives children the time they need to think about what they hear in music. The program is organized around a feature composer of the week, with one selected work of that composer repeated each day.
  • The scripts talk about the composer as a person who consciously works with the elements of music to fashion ideas, solve musical problems and create artistic effects.

The aims of this Program are to:

  • Incorporate the music of fine composers, past and present, in the daily routine of children
  • Connect children to composers and the creative process in music
  • Have children learn that composers create music by using their musical ideas in interesting ways
  • Develop a life-long interest in listening to music

ARTquake Day

Every year the students at Virginia Park School have the wonderful opportunity to participate in a full day student workshop in the Arts.

Our ARTquake Day provides students and staff with an opportunity to collaborate with one another and further develop their creativity and love of the arts with guest artists. This has truly become one of the highlights for our Virginia Park learning community.

Artist in Residency Program

Students at Virginia Park Arts Core School have the extreme good fortune to be able to participate in an Artist in Residence program each year. The focus of our residency alternates between the four art disciplines of music, art, drama and dance. The chosen artist works directly with the students integrating the arts across all curricular areas.  Students have an opportunity at the end of the residency to showcase their work with students, parents and community.  It is an amazing learning opportunity for everyone!

Fine Arts Night

FAN gym

Every year Virginia Park hosts a Fine Arts Night for all students, parents, staff and the community. There are many events including outside children's activities, BBQ, raffles, auction items, children's art and entertainment. The money raised from this event pays for extra arts opportunities for our students. Please join us this year on Friday, June 1, 2018.